We supported a young person in breaking free from the perpetrators. We carried out sessions in educating the young person on what Criminal Exploitation is and how the perpetrators operate. The young person was a cannabis user and this is what lead the perpetrators to identify this young person as a person of interest and somebody they can exploit.

The efforts put in by our staff team prevented the young person from harm and abuse. Our staff team built up a great rapport and understanding with the young person and this led to the young person often opening up on the struggles and abuse they are facing.

We sensitively carried out education on what to do if they young person feels they are in danger. The relationship the young person had with our members directly supported the young person in being protected and also directly led to the young person trusting the police to prosecute perpetrators.

We also carried out educational work with the family of the young person to provide them with the foundations and knowledge to safeguard the young person successfully. This young person returned to the care of family members and remained safe and free from exploitation. This is another example of a positive outcome for a young person cared for by our staff. A brighter future and prospects now await the young person.