We supported the team at social services in relaying the outcome of the court hearing to the young person. The social worker was pretty nervous about informing the young person about the DOLs order due to the sensitive nature and the aggressive character of the young person.

The young person was managed using the PACE model and remained calm and collective throughout this conversation. We provided care and safeguarding for the young person while the DOLs order was in place for around 6-8 weeks.

We oversaw daily exercise away from the home and also carried out educational visits along with socialising and leisure activities all while continuing to adhere to the terms of the court order. Managing the young person subject to the DOLs order was challenging due to behaviour issues however we thrived in the scenario and the young person enjoyed the one to one interactions.

Children Social Care Services  in Care Providers and West Yorkshire

We built strong relationships with the young person which were visible to all and this provided us with the platform to manage the aggressive behaviours of the young person without any physical interventions. Throughout the period caring for this young person, physical interventions were not used and this was a huge achievement considering the behaviours that had been previously displayed.

Our time supporting this young person was hugely effective and very successful. We strongly believe the young person has taken many teachings in to later life and will now have the tools to navigate through the tough challenges of growing up.