Members of our team were asked to support a young person through a difficult period in a residential care home. The level of support provided by our members was to a high standard and our members were very empathetic, understanding and accepting of the young person. The behaviours displayed on a daily basis by the young person were very challenging and pushed our members to improve and adapt their approaches by the minute.

The young person would defecate on the floor and smear on the walls, bathroom furniture and also throw this towards staff. Our members responded with the utmost professionalism and using our caring, therapeutic and nurturing approach this was managed really well. We built strong relationships which allowed us to support the young person and these occurrences reduced and the young person would use the toilet regularly.

Children Social Care Services  in Care Providers and West Yorkshire

This particular young person would also regularly spit at staff however our members did not shy away and always continued to support and keep relationships intact, spitting at staff reduced. Such was the benefit of building good relationships incidents involving the young person and spitting at staff almost stopped entirely.

The young person had a poor understanding of personal hygiene. This provided its challenges and again our members worked tirelessly and selflessly and supported the young person in improving personal hygiene conditions. The improvement in the young person was huge and the challenges that were displayed on a daily basis had reduced greatly.

We are proud of the positive interactions our team had with this young person and we are certain the outcome for the young person has now improved and the chances of rehabilitation, living and managing mental health issues has also improved.