Case Studies

At Spire Assist we also provide social care services at our own children's home and post 16 accommodations in West Yorkshire. We help children, young adults and UASC learn the life skills they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives in the community.


Deprivation of Liberties Order

We have experience in managing young people who have been subject to a DOLs orders.   more  

County Lines and Criminal Exploitation

Our staff are very experienced in spotting the signs of Criminal Exploitation. We have supported numerous young people in breaking the cycle and safeguarding them and prevented exp...  more  

Child Sexual Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation is when a young person is exploited and they are given gifts, drugs, money, affection and status in exchange for sexual favours. Young people are tricked ...  more  

Mental Health

Supporting young people with mental health is very challenging and not everybody has the skill and patience to navigate a high level of care.  more