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A Safe, Nurturing and Supportive Space for Children

Children Social Care Services  in Care Providers and West Yorkshire

Our Children's Homes and Post 16 Accommodation

Here at Spire Assist, we believe that no child or UASC should be left behind. We manage children's homes and provide a safe environment where children and young adults can develop and learn the skills that will enable them to lead positive, engaged and healthy lives.

Children and young people are at the forefront of our care. Every one of our staff is dedicated to making a positive difference to every child's life. We achieve this by employing experienced and compassionate staff who use a therapeutic and nurturing approach when caring for children.

Many of the young people we work with have difficult backgrounds and the risk of disengagement is high. However, we engage with every child and seek to build a rapport, not falling back on seniority or age.


We predominantly care for children leaving care and UASC in the ages of 16 to 25. If you would like to learn more about our supported living and semi-independent accommodation services, please get in touch with us at Spire Assist.



Our Approach

Children in care have a range of different experiences, sometimes traumatic and negative ones. Our goal at Spire Assist is to provide a stable and secure environment which children can call home. We give children structure and routine and provide a foundation for them to build upon.

Our children's homes are warm and nurturing environments where children can build relationships with other children, learn skills and develop themselves so that they feel ready when they live independently.





Our Staff

Good care can only be provided by individuals who are committed to their jobs. We only employ passionate carers who are experienced and qualified. We also provide ongoing training to ensure that every carer has an understanding of the best techniques and approaches when caring for children.

The safety of every child in our care is paramount which is why every staff member undergoes a rigorous background check as well as an enhanced DBS check.

Children Social Care Services  in Care Providers and West Yorkshire

Our Accommodation

Our children's homes and post 16 accommodations contain everything you would expect including a large lounge, dining rooms and kitchen areas. Young people will be provided with their own single occupancy bedrooms where they can rest, relax and study. Each bedroom can be personalised and decorated to match their tastes and preferences.

Contact Spire Assist to learn more about our accommodation services.


Interested In Working With Spire Assist?

We work with local authorities and private homes to provide top quality levels of care and support for children and young people.
If you would like to become a carer or you would like to work alongside us at a corporate level, then don't
hesitate to get in contact with us and discover how we transform lives with our health and social care services in West Yorkshire.

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