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Charitable Awards and Nominations

At Spire Assist, our health and social care services are offered to children, young adults and families in need. We want to build people up and help them recover from past trauma, seeing them take their place in society with confidence and pride. Our ultimate aim is to give as many children, young people and families as possible the opportunity at a happy life. We are immensely proud of the work that we do, both in our local community and with various charitable organisations nationwide. With that in mind, to receive acknowledgement for our services is rarely anticipated but always welcome. Here is the latest on some of our charitable awards and nominations.


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  • Queen's Award for Enterprise 2022

To be nominated for this award was a huge honour and, like every award, incredibly humbling. A colossal thank you for the nomination!


  • Social Care Service Provider of the Year 2022
  • Health and Social Care Recruitment Specialist 2022
  • Social Care Service Provider of the Year 2023

We are very happy to announce that we have won the award for Social Care Service Provider of the Year. Thank you!

  • Health and Social Care Specialist Award 2022
  • Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Award 2022
  • Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Award 2023

We were nominated for and won the Health and Social Care Specialist Award 2022, as well as the Corporate Excellence Award (twice) for our impact on our community and for our contributions to society in general.





How Winners Are Chosen

A variety of factors are taken into consideration when winners are selected, so we ensure that our services are always up to standard. We don't do this specifically in order to win awards, of course – it's to ensure that those we care for receive the very highest standard of service. 

Factors taken into consideration include:

  • Innovation
  • Use of Technology
  • Products & Service Offering
  • Sustainable Development
  • Industry Recognition
  • Service Excellence
  • Ethical Practices
  • Employee Satisfaction


We take all this, and more, into account when designing our service output. We're not ones to blow our own trumpet but to be recognised with awards such as these suggests that we're doing a pretty good job so far! We don't rest on our laurels, however – we always strive to improve.




Why We Do What We Do

To receive a nomination for any award, let alone to actually win it, is incredibly humbling. It's not what drives us, though. Our ultimate goal is to do the absolute greatest amount of good that we can, for the largest number of people. We want to see children and young adults grow in confidence and achieve their full potential. Receiving acknowledgement, in the form of awards and nominations, proves that we're doing our work in the right way. We didn't start Spire Assist from a desire to achieve fame or renown, however. We do it because we care about people.




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